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Dr. Leah McGuire provides comprehensive and empirically-supported assessment and consultation services to school-aged youth who are struggling with learning, language, social, behavioral, emotional, and/or executive functioning (e.g., sustaining 

attention, cognitive flexibility, planning) difficulties. She additionally supports children and adolescents interested in understanding their strengths and needs in academia, in order to maximize their academic, social, behavioral, and emotional successes in the home and school environment.

Dr. McGuire offers of a variety of services, which may be combined, to meet your child's needs:

  • Neuropsychological Evaluation: This service provides a comprehensive understanding of your child's strengths and needs within the following domains: cognitive (i.e., IQ); verbal and language; nonverbal; memory and learning (i.e., how to learn and study most efficiently); executive functioning (i.e. how to accomplish tasks to achieve goals); social; adaptive functioning; behavioral; and emotional.  

  • Psychoeducational Evaluation: This service provides a detailed overview of your child's academic skills, specifically in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing.

  • Psychological Evaluation: This service provides diagnostic clarity. This service is used to gauge the efficacy of psychopharmocological (i.e., medicine) and therapeutic treatments and to inform evidence-based interventions with other clinicians.

  • Consultation: This service allows parents to seek out needed supports and information to feel confident in advocating for their children's needs. For example, Dr. McGuire translates results from previous evaluations and educational documents (I.e., IEPs, 504 plans) into information that is easily understood by parents. 

  • Family Support and Education: This service empowers children, their families, their teachers, and their support teams to understand the child's unique profile. This allows for effective and streamlined skill-building, supports and interventions.

  • Referral Assistance: For additionally needed services, Dr. McGuire is glad to provide reliable referrals to other trusted agencies and individuals.